Our story started last summer after talking to a friend and mentioning rescuing a puppy.  She told me about Puppies and More Rescue and to fill out an application, and like your Facebook page as well.  Immediately I began my search for my forever friend. After several weeks, pictures of the Mastiff/ Cathoula litter appeared in my newsfeed, and I instantly fell in love. His name was Boulder, all white except for the Merle coloring on his face, I just had to have him ….. But after several conversations with his foster caregiver, I called her back and said a potential 130 pound dog is probably not the best fit.

Fast forward a few weeks and new pictures of this puppy in my newsfeed, I decided to go with my gut and meet him, as I could not get him out of my mind for the past several weeks. Need I say more !!! The minute I saw him I just knew he would be cominghome to PA.
My family and I decided to shorten his name to “Bo”
He is 6 months old, weighs 56 pounds and could eat 24/7 if we let him. He is very mellow for the most part , enjoys long runs and walks in Pennypack Park.  We put his crate away a few weeks ago and he is loving his new Kong Bed. Our vet doesn’t think he will weigh more then 85-90 pounds.  I guess we will just have to wait and see
 Thank you Puppies and More for doing all you do, and rescuing this awesome litter of pups…