Rusty, Roxy, Teddy and Bear


Roxy, Rusty, Teddy and Bear

The beginning of 2012 Roxy came into our family due to a chance meeting at school drop off.  Her foster mom was there and we just made a connection.  Closely followed by Rusty who was part of a litter of 7 that was caught in the tornados in KY on their way to NJ.  Many, many foster dogs later with this rescue and Teddy came into our home…and never left! Teddy was witnessed being thrown from a vehicle, like a piece of trash! And he is our love.  Bear is our newest addition and foster failure that took us all by surprise.  He needed a safe haven and so he came into our home as a foster puppy and stays as our forever puppy! 4 dogs, 2 cats, 4 kids and a husband make me one crazy rescue momma, but I love my rescue family at Puppies and More Rescue and wouldn’t change a thing!

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